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Bouncy Castles and Slides

As we know coming from the sunny town of Nelson, we really enjoy our events and luxuries of life like our family and seeing our family happy and enjoying themselves out and about.

Whether that is at public show’s, School Gala’s. We have beautiful weather and we want to see people get the most out of our town's in the Marlborough / Nelson Districts.

Here we have a few selections of bouncy castles for different events, we were diligent in our decision on making these bouncy castles work to cater to each individual for all sorts of fun.

We strive to see kids enjoy their time and get the benefits out of the bouncy castle’s which leads us to describe each individual bouncy castle so you get a better understanding.


We have this bouncy castle with a blue slide directed out the side of the castle with balloons and streamers printed on it and 2 biff and bash poles placed in the middle of the bouncy castle. Kids love to run into these and just all-round being silly with not a worry in the world. After all, kids just want to run into things and have fun. This is where they can do that without getting hurt, having a soft landing pad all around them.
  • 5.2m x 4.5m
  • Built in rain cover
  • Safety Certificate
  • Maximum kids at one time 5-8 (depending on the age)

This bouncy castle will be a hit for any child or adult for that matter. Kids will always love to be a pirate at any age really. With a built in rain cover and a webbed bed for soft landing it makes it a fun filled occasion in any event. So bring all your friends ‘Piracy is the way o life. Ahoy’
  • 5.2m x 4.5m
  • Built in rain cover
  • Safety Certificate
  • Maximum kids at one time 5-8 (depending on the age)

This detailed princess bouncy castle for the girls is an absolute treat. Any little girl dreams to be a princess in her castle. With this purple colored bouncy castle their imaginations can run wild. This is a very visual castle with brick artwork inside and outside.
  • 5.2m x 4.5m
  • Built in rain cover
  • Safety Certificate
  • Maximum kids at one time 5-8 (depending on the age)
Here we choose a sinking ship with a slide. The children love to not only bounce, but they also like to slide and with the two of these put together the kids absolutely love it. In Nelson, NZ we are a family orientated town and like to spend most of our time with our family and friends and looking after our kids is our number one priority, so why wouldn’t you hire a bouncy castle for the enjoyment of seeing your children have fun in a safe manner?  
  • 6m x 5.8m x 4m
  • No rain cover
  • Safety Certificate
  • Maximum kids at one time 5-7 (depending on the age)
Poor weather policy:
Bouncy Castles unfortunately won’t be erected in the rain. Not only can you hire Fun Zone’s bouncy castles as a bulk deal along side our other large range of products, you can also hire a multiple bouncy castle package without our big mobile equipment.

• Birthday’s • School Gala’s • Fun Day’s • Fundraising Event’s • Corporate Event’s • Promotional Gig’s • ………..

When you hire our other range of products i.e., Climbing Wall, Laser Tag along side the bouncy castle/s we guarantee you will not be let down. In previous events we have had kids lining up to have a turn on our exciting things we offer. To see the kids having fun while the adults sit and relax is our aim. We also have the adults join in and have a turn as a family fun group also, this is the most fun to watch as you see the things that bring families together.


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