IORK New Zealand Championship

2021 IORK New Zealand Championships


What is IORK? IORK is Indoor and Outdoor Rental Karts.

Want to see the IORK event rules and weekends race format?

We are very proud to be hosting New Zealand's rental kart national championship at Pro Karts, 20th-22nd August 2021.

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IORK Rules and Weekends Format

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We are planning to run the format as follows.

At 11:00 am on Friday the 20th August each category will start by racing 3-4 25 laps qualifying rounds for each driver, then from 5:30 pm we will complete another two rounds for most of the drivers, On Saturday the 21st we will start the completion of the final rounds to find our qualifier for each category.

Saturday afternoon we will kick off any of our knock out finals for of 22 plus driver to find our Top 12 driver in each of our 4 categories.

Sunday morning from 9:00 am we will kick off our 4 final to find our New Zealand Champion for each category.

Please note: The event format may change slightly depending on our final number of entries.  

Download the 2021 IORK Event Racing Rules /site/prokart/IORK NZ Rental Kart Championship Rules 2020 v3.pdf