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Race Tip for approving your lap times 


* Always brake in a straight line before you enter the corner! If you do not, the Kart may spin out. Go karts have rear brakes only meaning if you over brake in the corner the kart will probably spin!

* Gently brake early and accelerate early. IN SLOW – OUT FAST. If you go into the corner too fast you will come out SLOW, and then slide to a near halt (Drifting through the corners is not fast). You will then have lost all your momentum and lose valuable time.

* If you do slide, you can correct this by turning the steering wheel to opposite locking and slow down more to correct the problem before you enter the next corner. Drive your go kart smoothly and steer with precision to gain better lap times.
* Negotiate each turn using as much of the track as you need to smoothly drive through each corner; (creating a large radius if possible) from a wide part of the track going into the corner, across to the inside of the corner (apex) and then back to the outside of the track on exiting the corner. This will help giving you maximum speed through the corner.

*As you get faster and smoother through the corners and learn how to control the go karts correctly, to reduce your times more you maybe need to tighten your corner approach and exit slightly, by reducing the total distance per lap but still keeping that fast corner and exit speed will help make those lap times ever better.

* Squeeze the accelerator rather than “flooring” it. This way you will have better control until you get used to the go kart’s handling. It is possible to spin the go kart if power is applied too early.
Thanks for reading our racing tips, good luck on your next race.